About Yizhuo Package


After 10 years of hard work, we have been growing from a small factory to a global professional enerprise nowadays. The workers raised from 20 to 200 until today.

Our big honor to be trusted by a lot of trade companies at home and abroad , the order volume increased every year.

We value quality

YiZhuo package is committed to design, manufacture, and ship only products of the highest quality and workmanship. We take personal pride and ownership in all we do. For continued success, we must all work together to continually improve ourselves, our jobs and processes, and our company.

We Value Customers

YiZhuo package is focused on exceeding all customer expectations. We partner with our customers, making them competitive by delivering the best value, technology, and service.

We Value Teamwork

Yizhuo package is dedicated to create partnership with employees by holding annual planning meetings to establish common vision with excellent buy-in. We encourage open communication and teamwork with the support from our management team who are hands-on and accessible. We strive for a fun and creative environment which encourages new ideas and collaboration. We maximize long term growth and profitability by investing company resources wisely – as if they are our own. We are considerate of the environment and our communities. All of our employees are equally responsible for the success of YiZhuo package and for maintain the quality of our work environment.